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Part of the 15th century etiquette and sophistication of gentleman was to announce one’s arrival by means of business cards.  Business cards were an indispensable means in which to introduce one self to the hostess.  Today business cards still tell people who you are and what you stand for. 

Choosing a printing company to print your business cards should not be based on the cheapest possible quote.  As business cards are your first impression you should invest in that lasting place in your clients mind with business cards that will not only set you apart but stick around.

To complete a digital printing project, an image must be captured form a source, eg a digital camera. The image must now be converted to a digital file. The image must then  be manipulated through digital software onto  a computer.  A scanner connected to a computer system scans the image to the hard drive of the computer. After the image layout and edits are completed it is now stored and captured in pixels in jpeg, jpg .jpe format.

Digital printing doesn’t require expensive printing equipment. Printing a document on a home or office computer on a standard laser printer is digital printing.  Any printer that can print digital data is sufficient.  

Fanciful business cards with a professional design and produced on textured paper will testify to the high quality of company you are representing.  Business cards talks about your product and service before you can.  Since first impressions are essential your Business cards should make a statement

Functional business cards are produced cheaper and without particular design.  Your business and what you are presenting will dictate the type of business cards you require.  Business cards should be designed and planned with your specific needs and outcomes in mind.

Business cards as marketing tools will testify to the quality of company and service one can expect.  Business cards ideally should state very clear what products and services you render.  Business cards can be fully utilized by printing information on the reverse side as well. 

Printing a map to your office on the reverse side of your business cards will make access to your premises easier.

Pastor’s business cards could have their banking details on the reverse side.  Business cards of agents could have a list of services rendered on the reverse.

Tips for fully utilizing your business cards are to make it your goal to distribute at least 100 business cards a week.  Business cards can be left at ATM machines, restaurants, in car windows or handed to shop assistants.  Never underestimate the “people that people” might know.

Business cards started off being made of card, board or paper. In the current marketplace it is so important to set yourself apart from the masses that business cards can be in the form of DVD’s, gift boxes, tins or even bottled.  Be careful to have business cards that stand out but not be thrown out.



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